Case Study




A local government with an annual operating budget of $80m and nearly 500 staff.


The Council had set an ambitious Vision and a review of the Council’s current operations was needed to determine if it had the necessary capability for this to be achieved.


Coordinating with the CEO and the Human Resources Manager, a framework was established to assess the organisation’s current and future capability requirements.

A communication plan was developed to inform managers and staff of the project. All Executives and senior managers were interviewed, seeking perspectives on the operations of individual Directorates and the entire organisation.

Interviewees were required to give numerical and qualitative responses on the organisations capability as established in the framework.


All actions were performed under the banner of change management. An immediate outcome was the acceptance that change was inevitable and that action needed to be taken. This acceptance was particularly important in preparing the Council for proposed amalgamations.

The process of engaging with Executives and senior managers allowed for greater insight into key areas of the organisation that required development and assisted in establishing the overall Organisational Capability Plan.

Employee feedback indicated a high level of engagement in the process of organisational change and that the Managers were motivated to see the organisation to achieving the new Vision.

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