Case Study


Team & Leadership Development


Agribusiness Organisation with a $500m turnover and nearly 500 staff


The internal Corporate Services department had a number of senior managers new to the company. There was a need for the group to work more effectively together and represent their value proposition to the broader organisation in a more cohesive and effective manner.


The Values of the business were used as a basis for a Behavioural Framework for the department. A workshop was facilitated to define the Values, and determine appropriate and inappropriate behaviour when demonstrating these values.

The senior managers were assessed against these Values and Behaviours using:

  • Face-to-face interviews
  • An online 360o Performance Feedback process
  • An online personality appraisal.

Results were compiled and analysed for each individual. Feedback was provided on areas of strengths and opportunities for development. A group analysis which identified team characteristics, group learning and development opportunities was undertaken and used in a facilitation workshop.


Following the workshop and the individual assessments, the Corporate Services department experienced:

  • Better working relationships internally and externally
  • A better understanding of how they make decisions and interrelate
  • Better communication with customers
  • Positive outcomes from their implemented strategies and tactics

Since the initial project, several workshops have been held which focus on growing the effectiveness of the team.

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