Case Study


CEO Performance Review


Multiple Local Governments from the Perth Metropolitan area.


Portland Broome were sought out to provide external HR service to a number of local governments to conduct their annual CEO Performance Reviews. The complexity of local government Councils means that there are always divisions of support for senior executives and the success of this process has been on the way we focus on a fair, transparent, and objective methodology.


All CEO Performance Reviews commence with gaining an understanding of the Strategic objectives of the organisation and developing Key Performance Indicators that will adequately reflect the performance of the CEO.

The list of Reviewers usually includes all Elected Members, all Direct Reports and four customers. Each Reviewer is interviewed individually and are asked to provide a rating of the CEO’s performance across the KPI’s with justifications for the rating.

The final Report details quantitative and qualitative results. A Personal Development Report which suggests appropriate learning and development activities specific to the CEO’s requirements is also developed.


Successful outcomes of our CEO Performance Reviews are as varied as the organisations we work with;

  • In one Review, a personal coach was recommended to work with the CEO to help understand the dynamics of the executive team. This exercise resulted in better communication channels within the team and enhanced the resilience of the team members in a complex and challenging political environment.
  • Another Council was in conflict over a number of issues, in particular town planning and development. The final report recommended a number of pragmatic actions that were embedded in the CEO’s KPIs for the following year. This reflected plausible resolutions and the Report illustrated these sound solutions in communication suggestions and recommendations.

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