Leadership Assessment & Development

Success in developing the current and future leaders of organisations is a key component in achieving strategic objectives.

Stage One: Success Profiling
We work with you to develop and design a framework of leadership competencies or ‘success factors’ that are based on company values, behaviours and expectations of performance.

Stage Two: Leadership Assessment
Individuals and levels of management can be assessed against three success factors. Using contemporary approaches such as:

Behavioural-based interviews

Psychometric Assessments:

  • Health & Safety Indicator
  • Personality Appraisal
  • General Reasoning
  • Occupational Interest Profile
  • Values and Motives

360 Degree Feedback: This tool entails peers, direct reports, managers, customers/clients and participants to complete a one-on-one interview with a consultant and an online feedback component.

these approaches aid in:

  • Identifying gaps at an individual and team level
  • Delivering group wide development recommendations
  • Delivering individual-focused development recommendations

Step Three: Feedback & Reporting
The results are provided in an accurate, comprehensive and balanced feedback report as well as one-on-one feedback session. Areas of strength and opportunities for development are highlighted and are the beginning of an effective individual development plan.

Step Four: Leadership Development Plan
Based on the results of the assessment an Individualised Development Plan is designed and includes recommendations to meet commonly identified development needs of the group. A follow up session with a consultant is included.


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